Groove On Sessions


Groove On is about staying motivated with your medium and maintaining peace with your surroundings. To promote healthy meditation and movement, we share hours of premium productions through quality mixes each and every week.

We speak about culture, collaborate with upcoming artists, and showcase a conglomerate of well-curated vibes. Escape the normal day to day with us as we look to leave an impression of peace and positivity. All you have to do is press play and Groove On!

Groove On Releases


We are just as passionate about creating our own sound as we are about curating others. Teamed up with singers, lyricists and musicians, we have executively produced various instrumental soundscapes as well as numerous vocal EPs.

Our releases are more than just a collection of singles; we curate and compose complete and conceptual albums of new music. Dive in and discover a new world of artists.

Groove On Singles


Groove On is not bound by any genre or medium; we simply strive to bring positive energy with focused collaborations and genuine composition.

With so many different musicians and collectives, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Our catalog has a healthy range of high-energy snycopation all the way to more heartfelt vibes. As we grow and develop our sound, share our passion through our premier productions.

Groove On Productions

From commercial jingles to film scores, we can create high-quality productions for any purpose. We have a gambit of trained in-house engineers that we utilize alongside an exclusive community of skilled musicians across the country to achieve top-tiered compositions.

With years of experience in the music industry, Groove On is more than just another record company. We strive to bring both seasoned and aspiring artists to a higher plateau through premiums productions, but more importantly with an overall brand analysis. From tracklisting to merchandising and even advertising, we see the bigger picture and can help you realize your artistic dream.