Once upon a time, in a land where the ganja grows in abundance, the rebirth of dancehall was quietly taking place. Mastermind and musician Turner Jackson, along with a handful of talented creatives, has built a new party platform for energetic souls to get down like it’s 1999! From dance circles to dudes in drag, Once Upon A Turn Up is turning out to be the hottest function in Denver. And it all goes down at none other than Your Mom’s House off 13th and Pearl.

This funktastic function is all about booty shaking and picture taking. Featuring local DJ acts such as Tha Lituation and Pink Matter, the event damn near reaches capacity every time with new groups of people ready to groove. However, this shindig is more than a few mixers playing good music; the lifeblood seems to be the overall artistic aesthetic articulated by the amazing designers and photgraphers Turner collaborates with.

To no surprise, the first few installments of Turn Up were curated by the dynamic design team of Orenda Lou and Jvmp The Gun. Reminiscent of their Bloom release in Spring, the fashionistas consistently create colorful scenes with floral feels and blow up toys. Mix in a little booze and break beats and you have yourself a party!

Once Upon A Turn Up is hosted monthly, featuring new DJs and artists and yet maintains it’s allure and energy each time. This event is indicative that we are a multi-media minded generation, seeking more than just sonic stimulus, but complete immersive experiences on a visual spectrum as well. What events keep you coming back for more? Where do you go for your Denver dance fix? If you’re looking for something new, come see how Turner and gang continue to set the bar for music scene in Colorado.

Film photography by Stevie G