I scream, you scream… we all scream for Cones Collective!

We love art and music, so we can’t forget the culture and the creatives that help it thrive. We figured we’d highlight our brothers at Cones, a Colorado based clothing line that constantly makes waves with their colorways and constant collaborations. Their newest pastel release (focusing on a more female touch) has proven they can consistently capture our attention with more than just their products, but also their promotion.

If you haven’t delved into the colorful world of Cones, you’re missing out on some tasty content! The quality of their merchandise reciprocates the care and creativity of their social media feeds, primarily their Instagram page @ConesCollective.

Headed by Caleb Clark and Corbin Meyer, the brand survives off killer graphics and top-of-the-line embroidery. They’ve manufactered products for major companies as well as independent artists, showing their flexibility and passion for helping anyone.

Yes, we know… Colorado is known for its abundance of weed. With over 1.3 billion dollars in marijuana sales last year, it’s no surprise everybody from musicians to health nuts try to capitalize on the stoner stigma. It’s no surprise to see people from all walks of life are still flocking here (yeah… you can go home now). What IS surprising is when a brand can capture the essence and mentality of the modern day smoker and translate it to a wider audience.

What brands or businesses do you love to rep? What styles are trending now? Welove to show love so share what you or friends are working on and  maybe we can work together. Until then, get you a double scoop of Cones Collective today!