We try to stay away from tabloids and gossip, but there’s a lot of speculation as to what went down with Usher and ol’ girl claiming to have gotten herpes from him in a Days Inn Hotel room. We’ve all heard claims like these before so It only makes us reminisce on the early days of Usher’s career and how iconic the American pop singer truly is.

All of this drama takes us back to the Confessions¬†releases, but honestly My Way¬†was one of the first albums that personally got me into his sound. From preschool, I knew women would get me into trouble. That’s why “You Make Me Wanna” was my anthem for years (STILL IS)! After hearing all the sexual allegations against my idol, I couldn’t help but drop a remix.

Originally produced for my set at the Underground Music Showcase, I’m glad to share this vibe for all the beat junkies out there. Did I do it justice? Share the track if you like it, or let me know if you don’t!

Remember, we’re not here to comment on what happened because we DON’T CARE! Usher is the hands-down one of the greatest artists of our era with or without the herpes. That being said… wrap it up you heathens!